Discrete Dipole Approximation Project  1.0
Plugin based Discrete Dipole Approximation (DDA) software package.
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Glen Fletcher (glenf.nosp@m.let@.nosp@m.gmail.nosp@m..com)
November 24, 2013

Discrete Dipole Approximation Project, is a software package designed to solve the Discrete Dipole Problem by the Discrete Dipole Approximation (DDA) method. This software is desgined to be plugin operated allowing for easy implimincation of new solver methods to improve the efficienty of the code. The plugin support also allow the program to write its output in multiple formats and structures defined by plugins.


  • Solver DDA problem, using dynamic set of function loaded from plugins
    • Applied Field Structure
    • Convergent Gradient Solver
    • FFT
    • Near field Generation
    • Output File Format
    • Dynamic Output Content
    • etc.
  • Scriptable Solvers using python/python bindings
  • DDSCAT project compatibility
  • Smart Solver for improved efficiency
    • Extinction based convergent and sampling density
  • Threading/Distribute Computing Support
    • Wavelength/Energy
    • Structure
    • Orientation
  • Automatic Support for PBS
    • Processor Limiting


Note From Author

I have previously used the software DDSCAT by Draine and Flatau which was written in FORTRAN, however while the DDSCAT software was useable for my purposes, it wasn't efficient. Being an advanced programer as well as a scientist I was able to see many ways in which it could be improved however given the existing nature of the DDSCAT code it makes more sense to start a new project from scratch ad reimplemented the methods used, in a more efficient and adaptable manner. Hence I started this project to do just that.