Discrete Dipole Approximation Project  1.0
Plugin based Discrete Dipole Approximation (DDA) software package.
thread.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Provides Wrapper around platform Thread libaries should be used to impliment
threads compabable with Windows Threads and POSIX Threads.
Glen Fletcher (glenf.nosp@m.let@.nosp@m.gmail.nosp@m..com)
#include "def.h"
#include "include.h"


class  Thread::Condition
 Condition objects correspond to pthread conditions or to Win32 event objects. More...
class  Thread::Exception
 General Thread Exception Object. More...
class  Thread::Mutex
 Standard Lock. More...
class  Thread::Queue< T, mode >
 Queue Class Template, resprenst a Queue, with optional read and write locks, speficied using QUEUE_NOLOCK, QUEUE_READLOCK, QUEUE_WRITELOCK and QUEUE_ALLLOCK to specific the Queue mode. More...
class  Thread::Semaphore
 Countered Lock. More...
class  Thread::Thread
 Thread class, provide basic interface for the creation and joining of threads. More...
class  Thread::TimeoutException
 Special Thread Exception respresenting a timeout on a timed thread operation. More...


 Namespace containing cross platform multi threading classes provides Mutexs (Locks), Conditions, Semaphores and Queues.


 Read+Write Lock on queue, Fully thread safe.
#define QUEUE_NOLOCK   0
 Lockless queue, single NOT safe for multiple writer or reader threads. More...
#define QUEUE_READLOCK   1
 Read Lock on queue, safe to have multiple reader threads. More...
#define QUEUE_WRITELOCK   1<<1
 Write Lock on queue, safe to have multiple writer threads. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define QUEUE_NOLOCK   0
#define QUEUE_READLOCK   1
#define QUEUE_WRITELOCK   1<<1